SFX Makeup by Larry Higbee

Zombie makeup and photoshoot.

Store bought "Grim Grin" Woochie brand prosthetic.

Quick zombie makeups for a zombie walk.

Zombie makeup and photoshoot

Smooth-On brand "Skin-Tite" application

"28 Days Later" style zombie makeup

Quick zombie makeups for a photoshoot

Zombie Halloween makeup

Zombie photoshoot

Zombie Halloween makeup

"Sexy Zombie" Halloween makeup

"Mama Zombie" for student film

"Bother Zombie" for student film

Car crash makeup for student film

"Dragged from the Lake" final for makeup class

"Fight Club" makeup

"The Exorcist" themed makeup

"Terminator" makeup and photoshoot

Burn makeup

Injury made with Gel FX Kit

"Fallen from a Bridge" makeup for student film

Old Age cream makeup application

Miscellaneous gelatin wounds cast from hand sculpted silicone molds

Liquid latex and tissue burn

On skin liquid latex throat slit application [before blood and after]

Work done with makeup and prosthetics.
[some with photoshopped eyes]

makeup, photoshop